Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goals Update- January 2010

Time for an update! :)

1. Remove the Christmas items and organize them. - done

Personal Development:

1. Start the book 'The Zoo Keeper's Wife.'- done.
2. Make a new recipe and blog it. -done.
3. Take more pictures to keep precious memories.- not done: I really need to be better at this.

1. Finish painting the desk.- not done: I tried to finish this during the weekend, but you really can't use spray paint in a bedroom and expect to have brain cells.
2. Move the twin bed into the guest room.
- not done: I need to actually pick up the bed before I can move it anywhere. Sigh.
3. Replace Christmas wreath with spring wreath.- not done: Unfortunately, I really didn't make much of an effort to find a nice wreath. Maybe I'll carry this forward.

Professional Development:
1. Apply for at least 3 jobs.- done
2. Update resume. - done

Financial Times:
1. List at least 3 items on ebay. - done
2. Continue to use coupons and seek out good deals. - done
3. Put television in bedroom on a power strip and turn completely off when not in use.- done

Healthy Me:
1. Exercise at least once a week (need to start somewhere).- not done: Perhaps I need to try the mornings instead of the afternoons due to the number of "I need to's."

How were your goals?

Enjoy! :)

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