Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goal Update

This month is proving to be somewhat productive in the goal category.

1. Remove the Christmas items and organize them. - This was actually completed near the beginning of this month. :) I'm not really one to let my Christmas decor hang around longer than necessary. I even bought specialty boxes for the items, so next year won't be such a hassle.

Personal Development:

1. Start the book 'The Zoo Keeper's Wife.'- I started the book, but soon lost interest. Bummer.
2. Make a new recipe and blog it. - The recipe was meatloaf and you can see it here.
3. Take more pictures to keep precious memories. This is a work in progress. I took the camera when I went to visit my parents over the weekend, but didn't really use it. Instead, I used the iPhone. Yeah for gadgets!

1. Finish painting the desk.
2. Move the twin bed into the guest room.

3. Replace Christmas wreath with spring wreath.
Summing all of these up with "haven't started." I need to break out the spray paint for the desk, actually bring the bed to the guest room, and take down the Christmas wreath. Golly golly. I really do have time to do this on the weekends, but am not sure why it's not done. Sigh.

Professional Development:
1. Apply for at least 3 jobs.- Applications have been sent for at least 3 jobs. Mostly with the government. I guess we'll see.
2. Update resume. - I try to do this as often as possible. I would also recommend others do it (hint.hint.).

Financial Times:
1. List at least 3 items on ebay. - I actually listed about 6 items. Every little bit helps.
2. Continue to use coupons and seek out good deals. - This too is on-going. Perhaps I should post about my favorite coupon and financial web sites.
3. Put television in bedroom on a power strip and turn completely off when not in use. I went into a store the other day intending to buy one of these, but forgot and came out with other goodies. Typical me.

Healthy Me:
1. Exercise at least once a week (need to start somewhere). This is not going well. At. All. I really don't have any motivation. Once I'm at the gym, I'm fine, but it's the "drag my lazy rear there" part that gets me. I will say that my eating habits have improved. Instead of eating out three times a week for lunch, I'm taking yogurt, carrots, and salads. I guess that's something.

How are your goals?

Enjoy! :)

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