Monday, May 18, 2009

Why I Love: Vinegar

That's right. I really do love it.

It's versatility and great price makes it a must-have for me. Every time I go to the dollar store, I buy at least one bottle (1 qt./$.75).

What do I do with it? It would be better to ask what do I not do with it!

1. Dishwasher- I place a small coffee cup in the top rack of my empty dishwasher to clean and sanitize.

2. Refrigerator- I mix 3-1 ratio of hot water and vinegar to clean my refrigerator shelves. The kool-aid takes its toll.

3. Cleo's litter box- Weekly, I empty out her litter, and soak the pan in hot water, vinegar, and some baking soda. Voila- fresh toilet.

4. Mosquito bite- I put a little tab on a cotton ball when I've been the buffet for these critters. Additionally, here in the south we have chiggers, which are horrendous! Vinegar helps the itching.

5. Washing machine- I add 1 cup of vinegar to my empty washing machine and run a load (without the clothes).

6. Coffee pot- By adding a .5 cup of vinegar and running through my coffee pot, I get rid of any leftover coffee or tea lingerings.

7. Water bottles- I add .5 cup of vinegar and hot water to a water bottle to remove any smells from previous liquids (juice, tea, etc.).

8. Microwave- I add a coffee cup with a small amount of vinegar and microwave. It loosens the grime on the microwave, and deodorizes.

Have I made you a convert yet? :)

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