Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Analyze This: Clutter

I follow a finance blog in which the couple, and their young daughter are moving to Australia. Instead of taking a lot of household items with them, they are instead donating or selling them.

The blog made me think. While I am not seeking to rid my home of most of it's contents, what if I seriously de-cluttered my home? Would I live through it? Would I regret getting rid of items?

It's time to analyze the what's and why's.

As I wandered around my home tonight, I reviewed each of the items below, including
a. When I received the item,
b. The last time I used it, and
c. Can I live without it?

1. I received this breadmaker from my mom about 6 months ago. I was really excited about receiving it, but I really do not want to make the effort. So, I've never really used it and definitely think I can live without it.
Verdict: Donate

2. This unusual coffee pot was bought at the Salvation Army
last year. I really liked the look of it, and knew it would probably be more for decoration. Currently, it is sitting in my kitchen hutch gathering dust.
Verdict: Donate

3. This plant stand was gathering dust in a family members basement when I offered to take it last year. This sits in my kitchen next to the bay window to allow my plants to get a good amount of sunlight. There is just one problem- I don't have any more plants. I like the unusual look of this stand and want to keep it so that perhaps it can used to hold something else.
Verdict: Keep

4. I really like these coffee and desert plates I "accumulated." I must have 2 sets of 6 and had them when I moved here about 7 years ago. To date, I have only used them once. While they are cute, they aren't very functional. I tried to use them at a shower also, but most of the people searched for my regular coffee cups and paper plates.
Verdict: Donate

5. I can already tell you- these are going to find a new home. Sitting in my cabinet since 2005, I have not used them once. Truthfully, I am not really sure why they haven't been used. Yes, I have had holiday dinners at my home, but we really enjoy the versatility (think laziness) of paper products.
Verdict: Donate

6. I have a set of 4 of these wine glasses which were bought last year. While I like the look of them, I bought stemless wine glasses which are easier to handle and don't get broken in the dishwasher.
Verdict: Donate

7. This was my old printer, bought in 2001, which I have kept around for a "just-in-caser." Luckily, my new printer has been working like a gem, and this guy is no longer needed. If my current one ever goes on the fritz, I'll call my grandpa. He's the wizard of all things computer. I think it's time to say "adios."
Verdict: Donate

Full disclosure time. Are these my only clutter items? Heck no! Not even close. But slowly and surely, I will begin to pare down my items in my home. I'll look at it as if I am giving these items a better life in someone else's home. Cheers.

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