Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tripping- Part 1

I love to travel, but am not the best at packing. However, once I began to make a list of the things I need, it became much easier and the "oh-no, forgot that" happened less and less.

My packing list is pretty standard, but I leave a column for trip-specific items. For example, when I travel for work, my trip-specific items could be business cards, brochures, etc.

Since my future travel plans include a work trip, I thought I would share a few "tried and true" packing rules:

1. Roll baby roll- If I'm not going for a long period, I'll try to roll my clothes, which provides more room in the suitcase and less wrinkles.

2. Perfume in the shoes- The glass bottles are safer here than anywhere else.

3. Color scheme jives- Usually, I'll stick with a black/brown/white/blue combo. These usually go with each other and I can mix them up to create an interesting look.

4. Toiletries go into a sealable bag- Anyone who has opened their suitcase to find their hairspray (or sunscreen) has spilled all over, has learned this lesson the hard way. A ziplock baggie works well for me. Also, I make sure to take travel sized items. They take up less space, and don't cost a fortune if I need to replace them.

5. Seeing is believing- I lay out my outfits on my bed for each of the days to gauge what else I will need to make the "look" (jewelry, shoes). It helps me not to forget the beautiful necklace and appropriate shoes. Also, it might show me that I don't need 3 blue shirts.

6. Smelling good- Since my suitcase isn't used as often as I would like, when I pack my clothes, I always add a dryer sheet. It reduces any lingering smells and static.

7. Prepare and plan- Make a list and don't attempt to pack at the last minute. It doesn't work.

8. Shoes last but not least- I pack my shoes last. Usually they get shoved into the side compartments.

9. Jewelry goes to never-never-land- My costume jewelry, which is packed in the suitcase, gets put into a baggie, which is then put in an empty maxi pad bag. Yes, I said it. It's odd, but it works extremely well. Most people will not touch it. :)

Must Takes:

Really. These items always travel with me, no matter the location or season.

1. Flip flops- I always take a pair with me. JC Penney's recently had a sale, and I bought 2 pair at once. They are great for sight-seeing and don't take extra room in the suitcase. I prefer ones with no heels and dark footbeds, as they don't show dirt as much. Looking for some? Check out these from Old Navy.

2. A dress is always needed- No matter where I go, I always find the need to wear a dress. Usually I'll pack something classy, like a black sheath. Check out this one from gap, on sale.

3. Jean Jacket- I use this to dress up some capri's or dress down a formal dress. Target has a great one.

4. Camera- No matter if I only take a day trip, or a week long trip overseas, the camera always goes.

5. Extra eyes- Since I wear contacts, I always bring an extra pair. So many times I have been without them and have regretted it.

Happy Traveling! :)

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