Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day #2

Yet, again the Kentucky Fried Home University was closed due to inclement weather. My enthusiasm was greatly affected, however, when I woke up with no power.

What, no power? How do I make coffee?? Lord, give me patience!

Finally, at 8:30 the power came on and the glorious sound of coffee percolating was sweet music to my ears.

I had a few to do things on my list today, however, I needed to check to ensure family had power. Unfortunately, my grandparents didn't. So, the projects were shelved, and I bundled into the 4-wheel drive to retrieve them.

The roads aren't that icy, however, limbs buckled under the weight of snow and ice which makes driving treacherous. The local public schools have already closed for the rest of the week. Maybe KFH University will close also. It's highly likely as most have lost power.


The next project is the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Right now they have pictures, baskets, and plants, which I like, but they need some re-arranging and more lighting. And perhaps I'll remove the lovely plastic bowl which holds my punch cups. Hmmm...

Another blogger had a great idea of placing Christmas lights on top of the cabinets. It adds a soft light up there that will highlight items prettily. Also, Christmas lights are on sale right now, so I should be able to get a strand without spending alot of moola.

I'll drill a small hole in the top of the cabinets to run the electric cord and add a remote. Pictures will be added here also.

If KFH University is closed tomorrow, I might go and buy some black paint for my twin bed. And maybe a drill. And some fabric to play. :)

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