Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day Update

Today, while it was cold, wet, and icy outside, I was roasty-toasty inside cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Chili sounded good,

so did Pesto Turkey Meatballs,

And some Cherry Cheescake.

While cleaning and organizing, I worked up quite an appetite!

The first room I tackled (and I do mean tackled) was the first guest room. It serves as my exercise/tablecloth storage/office/everything else room. It really needed to be cleaned, organized, and prettied up.

The room doesn't really have much color, as there is no paint on the walls and no window treatments. I have a twin size bed that will soon make its new home in this room, but I need to paint it (and the room) first.

The closet was the first thing on the agenda. So, I popped in a little Beyonce, and away I went. With Cleo's supervision, of course.

Closet first. What a disaster! Luckily, these will be easy to organize, as soon as I invest in some shelving to utilize the deep sides. But, until then, I'll use what I've got.

I love my tablecloths, as you can see.

The rest of the room isn't so cluttered, but it's not really homey either.


I'm not going to call this "the after," but it's definitely "the better!" Just look at that pretty closet, and the nice clean wall without the bulletin board.

Next stop -> the top of the kitchen cabinets! Oh boy!

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