Friday, August 14, 2009

What in the cat hair?

Tuesday, I started on my August goals, and finished steam cleaning the living room carpet. It was so clean and fresh and pretty-

Then I see this-

I guess it was bound to happen. She likes things clean too.


Yesterday, I decided to get crafty with some soil, grass seeds, and a large glass vase. The large glass vase isn't your typical vase, but instead, it looks like an over sized brandy snifter. Although it was a gag gift from a Christmas party, I was really excited to get it! It really hasn't been put to good use yet, so I figured a good re-purposing was needed.

So, I took these-

And created this terrarium (of sorts)-

Hopefully it will grow green with grass and I can use it as a great, inexpensive, center piece.

Have you ever done something like this? How did it turn out?

:) Enjoy!

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