Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goals- How did I do?

So, how did I do for July?

1. Complete at least one weekly meal plan.- I actually completed one and it was nice to have a meal pre-planned.

2. Paint the twin bed for guest room.- This was completed in early August instead of July. Before I put the bed in its new home (my guest room) I need to paint.

3. Walk at least 3 days per week.- I started out strong, but then fell off the wagon.

4. Eat at least 1 serving of vegetables per day.
- This was not as hard as I had anticipated.

Overall Grade: B-

August Goals:

1. Paint. Paint. Paint.- First the trim, then the walls. I would post a pic, but I'm afraid you'd run screaming. With a black cat in the house, it's tough to keep them clean. But this time, I'll paint the trim a glossy white which should be easier to clean than flat white.

2. Replace the light fixture in the laundry room.- Unfortunately someone put a higher wattage bulb in the light and now it will not work properly. Wonder who did that. ;)

3. Make a new recipe and share it.

4. Steam clean the carpets.- Tis time.

5. Finish cleaning out the garage.- I want people to slow down because they like my garage, instead of pointing and laughing.

6. Re-arrange furniture in tv room.

How did you do on your goals?

:) Enjoy!

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