Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes...

Since I'm a little incapacitated, I've been staying with my grandparents. They aren't your typical grandparents. Oh no! They work more now that they are retired, have a huge garden, and love computers! They are original "greenies" and did it before it was cool. For example,

~ Their garden is filled with potatoes, corn, tomatoes, cantalope, beans, and peach trees! I've picked so many beans, I can now peel them and talk at the same time! Last night we got creative and had ice cream with peaches. {yum!}

~ Instead of buying new, they try to re-use what they already have. Right now my grandpa is working to repair his riding mower. It's cute to see him mutter to himself. ;)

My grandpa also loves computers. He makes alot for family and even neighbors. I can't tell you how many times he's worked on my printers.

If you can't tell it, I'm really close with them and they truly are gems. So right now, I'm just enjoying being with them.

Enjoy! :)

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