Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little House on the Prairie Courting

As I sit here and watch Little House on the Prairie (sick day), this episode is about a newcomer who is sweet on the doctor.

So, she schemes (a bit) by inviting herself to his dinner with the Ingalls' and bluntly tells the doctor that she would enjoy a ride with him.

Upon her return of their ride, he assists her down from the carriage and she sweeps into the house. As she removes her hat and sets her picnic basket on the table, she's asked if "that man" is in love with her. Her response is "I hope so" and she speaks passionately about his kindness and gentleness.

When the doctors friend mentions their age difference, the doctor responds that this is the first time in a long time when he "has felt really alive." Moving. Really.

Goodness, how things have changed! When was the last time you heard a man called kind and gentle? Lately, I hear other adjectives such as suh-weet, smooth, and smoking hot.

As a single woman (still holding out hope), I enjoy these shows for their nostalgia about the courting and dating rituals. The rituals were as innocent as they seemed and the man was a gentleman.

Please tell me there are men out there like that.

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